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Introducing the one of one "Lovesick Grinch" streetwear crew neck sweater brought to you by Lovesick Squad Gear, a brand driven by self-love and individuality.

Inspired by the compelling debut project "Lovesick Diaries Vol.1" by singer-songwriter HART, this piece reflects the importance of self-appreciation and the recognition that every person is truly one of a kind.


With the embroidered HART logo on the front to remind the owner of self love, this exclusive design beautifully captures the rebellious spirit of embracing oneself and encourages a positive mindset with its bright colour palette.

With the mission of spreading self-love, this limited edition streetwear collection is bound to turn heads and spark conversations. Each garment is meticulously produced, assuring that you are the only one in possession of this truly exceptional piece. 


Join the Lovesick Squad Gear movement and celebrate individuality while supporting the extraordinary journey of HART and his "Lovesick Diaries Vol.1" project. Embrace your uniqueness with the "Lovesick Grinch" streetwear crew neck sweater, a wearable piece of art that reflects the importance of self-love in today's world.

Lovesick Grinch

SKU: 0004
  • Size: S

    Material: 60% cotton 40% polyester

    Machine wash with similar colours. Hang air dry.

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