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Introducing the captivating "Lovesick Camper" jacket, by Lovesick Squad gear, paying homage to the singer-songwriter HART and his groundbreaking debut project, "Lovesick Diaries Vol.1". This limited-edition streetwear jacket seamlessly melds HART's comforting and soulful melodies with urban fashion, bringing together music enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike.


The "Lovesick Camper" jacket exudes an aura of both sophistication and edginess, perfectly tailored for those who seek to make a bold statement with their style. Imagining yourself donning this remarkable jacket is as if stepping into a magical world where music and fashion intertwine.


Crafted from premium materials, this jacket transcends ordinary fashion boundaries. Impeccably lightweight and comfortable, it embraces you with a gentle touch, ensuring a stylishly cozy experience. The sleek design follows current streetwear trends, featuring a clean silhouette and a monochromatic colour scheme that effortlessly enhances any outfit.


Equipped with practicality in mind, the "Lovesick Camper" jacket seamlessly blends style and functionality. A full-length zipper ensures easy closure, while multiple pockets provide ample storage space for essentials. The high collar offers protection and adds a touch of modernity, making this jacket a versatile choice for any occasion.

Make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd with the "Lovesick Camper" jacket. Be part of the Lovesick Squad, a community that celebrates individuality and growth through self love. Embrace the magic of HART's first project, "Lovesick Diaries Vol.1", and wear this jacket as a testament to your support and love for yourself. 

Lovesick Camper

SKU: 0003
  • Size: L

    Material: Woven part=100% polymide, Shell: Knitted Part 100% Polyester Lining=100% polyester

    Machine wash warm only.  Tumble dry low.

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